Rim Polymers at Latin Asia Business Forum 2017

Rim Polymers was invited together with some key organisations to attend this distinguished event organised by the Singapore Government Trade Body.
The Guest-of-Honour for the above event was Mr S Iswaran – Minister for Trade & Industry. Mr Iswaran has been elected as a Member of Parliament in five General Elections since 2 January 1997.
Singapore’s bilateral trade in goods with Latin America Caribbean (LAC) is robust, amounting to S$18.1 billion in 2016, said the minister. Cumulative foreign direct investment from this region into Singapore is also healthy, amounting to S$16.5 billion in 2015, he added. Singapore’s stock of direct investment into LAC grew at a compounded annual growth rate of 9 per cent over a five-year period, reaching S$6.9 billion in 2015.

Rim Polymers team of Mr Oei Han Tjing (Exe VP) & Mr Edmund Ng (Senior Sales Mgr), attended the one of the breakout session on “Mapping the Latin-Asia Connectivity”, & gained very insightful industry information on the necessity of businesses & stakeholders to work together to increase productivity, encourage innovation, and improve integration in supply chains(in particular Cold Chain).

Quoted from some of the key discussion items:

  • Rising Asian demand for LAC products and ways to uncover the vast untapped potential for greater trade flows between Asia and LAC
  • Opportunities for businesses and governments to work together on connectivity (logistics, supply chain) to facilitate greater trade flows between both regions
During the Q & A session,our VP, Mr Oei Han Tjing (shown in above photo as standing speaker), posed a very good business recommendation to the panel of industry experts on the need for the respective key stakeholders (from the logistics, aviation, food, financial, etc) to integrate as one business entity and work on combining all the resources & expertise to penetrate into the vast untapped potential of LAC, with our goods & services! The Singapore trade government has agreed to look deeply into this and welcome Rim Polymers input.

Rim Polymers is a global renounced high tech manufacturer of specialised PU machine & plant for cold chain equipment, e.g. Freezer, Cold storage panels, refrigerated trucks etc., Rim Polymers recently also actively participating in the China ‘ One belt One Road (BRI) initiatives’, and coupled with the above business road map with connectivity to Latin America Caribbean, it will well poised to expand to the global market .


By Edmund Ng