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Major Breakthrough In The ‘Pipe-Line’

Rim Polymers Concludes and Delivers Three Consecutive Orders of Customized Machines for Pipe Insulation according to customer’s expectation.

Rim Polymers has accentuated its dominance in the region with another significant breakthrough in the off-shore pipe industry!

Armed with un-paralleled machine delivery times and technological know-how for this industry, Rim Polymers was unanimously selected three times consecutively as the preferred supplier by our overseas client for their off-shore projects in the regions. This accolade is further testament of our capabilities and highlights our commitment and motto on “Growing with our Customers’!

Upon receiving the first sign of this enquiry, our team worked tirelessly through the clock to derive the most suitable system for this niche application. A customized machine has to be designed and built to withstand the harsh condition. Due to the nature of off-shore and deep sea pipe application, a special mixer has to be fabricated to achieve high quality mixing of solid PU elastomer in order to fully ensure that the piping do not have the slightest chance of leakage or cracking! Moreover our machine designs have to ensure all the special temperature and pressure conditions are met to fulfill the highest optimal settings for this demanding application.

With the above technological challenges being solved, we were then faced with yet another task of delivering the first machine within four weeks from scratch. Subsequently due to the above accomplishment, another two similar units were ordered and all these deliveries were completed within a span of five short months, proving once again our ability to always rise up to customers’ expectation! The projects are still on-going and we look forward to capture more repeat orders in the months ahead.

Stay Tuned!

By: Steven Hoong
Assistant General Manager (Sales)

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