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New Research & Development Centre

Rim Polymers opens new Reseach & Development Centre at a cost of USD 1 Million

Rim Polymers Industries has newly launched our sophisticated Research and Development laboratory at our premise in Singapore head-quarter

This new ‘showroom’ has been face-lifted with all the new machines and equipments with an investment of about USD 1 million dollars. This showpiece is integrated with our Technology, After-Sales, and of course our renowned R and D divisions all spread across an impressive vast domain.

Among the notable breakthrough is our new 4-Streams ‘L’ mix-head with spacer and high-speed Beckoff PC software, designed for the 4-components HR flexible car seats. Our impending patent-awarding 5-components Premix equipment will also be on display. This unique and precise technology enables our clients to mix Polyol with Cyclopentane, 245fa, 365mfa, and 134a with different formulation. Rim Polymers successful implementation has allowed many of our clients to save on overall production and material cost and increase their products insulation efficiency.

Rim Polymers has also developed Asia first spray equipment for producing PU skin. We have overseas clients and renowned chemical suppliers exclusively flown-in to witness our live-demonstration, and the unit was subsequently bought and shipped immediately to cater for a major order.

Our most recent development which has stirred vast interest from overseas clients is none other than our new Powder-Blending Machine which is specially designed for abrasive fillers. We use a different method and technology to blend the fillers with Polyol, etc as compare to conventional ways. We are currently working on a joint-development program with one of the biggest foamer in Europe, and this has stimulated the interest of our Singapore Government – who has come in to endorse and support in monetary and manpower terms.

With the launch of our new Laboratory, our GMA brand has finally ‘Lapped’ many of our European competitors and this is a further testament and show-case Rim Polymers capabilities and monumental growth over the decade!

By: Oei Han Tjing
Executive Vice President

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