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Rim Polymers Unveils New Tote Application

IBC Polyurethane (PU) chemical transfer system

Rim Polymers Industries Pte Ltd announces today that they will be jointly developing a new solution for automatic IBC Polyurethane (PU) chemical transfer system for In-Plant PU foaming factories with their sister company, International Pump Manufacturing Inc (IPM) .

Targeted at in-plant Polyurethane foaming factories, the new IBC system is industry 4.0 enabled and will bring about major cost saving benefits in the long run. Some of the benefits include enabling factory operators to spend minimum effort in monitoring the IBC tank, chemical temperature control and also the reduction of foam product rejects. It will also reduces down time, and bring about an overall increase in the efficiency of the production.

The highlights of the system include a PLC controlled electrical panel which minimizes chemical spillage and also an auto lifting cylinder which minimizes the changeover time of the stirrer. The system also includes an alarm system which could be pre-set to alert the operator of the liquid level when it is low.

For this system, the IBC will be connected to IPM’s patented OP300S stubby transfer pump to achieve a continuous recirculation between the IBC tank and the PU machine‘s 3-way valves and back to the IBC tank. This will ensure that the required chemical temperature condition is achieved during winter or summer season in order to speed up the foam production cycle.

“With industry 4.0 enabled systems, we hope to provide more winning technologies and services which can benefit our global customers in the long run,” says Mr Oei Han Tjing, Executive Vice President of Rim Polymers.

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