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Tower of Strength – Rim Malaysia KL Office

RIM Polymers Malaysia

RIM Polymers Malaysia team (A subsidiary of CEH Group) is sharing office & workshop with its sister company (FAS Flexible Automation SDN BHD) at the strategic office location in Subang Jaya, Kuala Lumpur, West Malaysia.

The office building is part of CEH group‘s 5 branches in West Malaysia (i.e . other 4 offices are: Johore Bahru; Malacca; Penang, and Ipoh). The combined team of RIM Malaysia and Flexible automation companies are total close to 70 staffs. Out which 65% are technical or engineers. Recently the Malaysia operation has upgraded their ERP system SAP, which has shown great improvement in operation efficiency & Better customer services.

The attached photo of ‘Tower of Strength’ in our KL is owned by Flexible Automation S.B. which we believe it enhances Our Rim Malaysia ‘s Image with better customers services.

By Edmund Ng

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