Rim Polymers Industries Pte. Ltd.

RIM vision

“To be the globally – preferred partner for Polyurethane Solutions.”


“To be, in fuller measure, the preferred global partner for our customers, our team and our community in PU industry.”

Believing that our business is a continuous upward journey, we are impassioned to always seek newer and better ways to:
  • Assist polyurethane customers globally to achieve high-quality and efficient production results
  • Develop problem-solving, cost-saving solutions tailored to individual requirements and specific parameters
  • Nurture our people to realise their fullest potential
  • Be a contributing member of the community in which we are planted
The bond between our dynamic teams comes from four shared values:
Expertise Leadership
To always be at the forefront of Polyurethane processing equipment industry and technology in order to provide our customers the best solutions to their needs.

Customer Focus
More than meet the customers’ expectation, we strive to help customers attain the next level up.

Together, there is nothing we cannot overcome and achieve; for our customers and with our customers.

We appreciate the value that experience and performance takes time; It’s the little things done right that makes for success and that our core asset is our people.