RIM Polymers Pipe Spray Solution

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Since 2010, RIM Polymers has been working closely with Chemical Manufacturers on development of Polyurethane coating system for the pipe. Our pipe spray solution is able to coat pipes of up to 1.4m diameter with 100 mm of Polyurethane – standards that cannot be achieved by traditional Pipe-in-pipe (PIP) manufacturing. Such pipes may be used for the following application: 1)  Oil & Gas Transfer 2)  District Heating & Cooling Pipes 3)  Cryogenic piping system   The GMA proprietary Pipe Spray solution is able to produce insulated pipes with consistent Polyurethane coating with minimum dripping (chemical wastage) during the manufacturing process. Today, we produce Spray System for : 1)  Continuous Line 2)  Discontinuous Line  

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