Rim Polymers Industries Pte. Ltd.

RIM Cruising Above The Covid Turbulent!

The atmosphere was joyous coupled with unabated expectation and festive mood as the passengers checked into their flights and all ready to travel to their destination.

It was a moment to savour as Chinese New Year was just round the corner and everybody was looking forward to another year of continual economic resurgence and life success stories…

Alas, in a blink of an eye all the atmosphere and sentiment changed when severe turbulent struck just as our life and the plane started to cruise nicely…

Above is an analogy on how the global situation has been evolving till today, ever since the Covid-19 pandemic first hit Asia & subsequently the rest of the world.

Despite the unprecedented challenges and sudden ‘turbulent’, we are heartened that the whole crew from RIM Polymers did not panic and continue to maintain our composure and confidence in our ‘plane’ – our products! The morale remains on high side as we trust on the leadership and skills of our captains (top management) to steer us clear of ‘turbulence weather and conditions’.

Indeed through collective teamwork & effort, RIM Polymers has continued to capture several significant project orders despite the strong headwinds going against us!

We are driven by passion to seek constant breakthrough and success! Our global sales force has triumphed against the odds to achieve major sales success across many fronts with good orders coming from India, Philippines, South Africa, Indonesia, Tunisia, and even Brazil, among many others!

These significant projects have greatly sustained our overall morale and bottom lines and enhanced our market share for both our wet & dry foaming equipment globally.

Turnkey Automotive Project
Turnkey Automotive project for South Africa
Wet and Dry Plant Machine
Major Automotive projects on wet and dry plants for Philippines, Tunisia, India and Brazil.

We trust that all our team will be further spurred on & be encouraged to achieve more collective success together till we successfully descend safely and touch-down smoothly into our ultimate destination.

Even as we embrace the ‘new norm’ moving forward, we should never allow cruising on auto-pilot mode, lest it breeds complacency and negatively, rather the whole team of RIM Polymers captains and crew need to take full control and responsibility in order to elevate our branding to even greater heights!

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