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Advanced and Sustainable Polyurethane Solutions

Rim Polymers and Dow Polyurethanes has jointly hosted a successful regional seminar on ‘Energy Efficiency & Consumer Market: Advanced & Sustainable Polyurethane Solutions’ on the 3rd October recently at One World Hotel, Kuala Lumpur.

This inaugural technical seminar was initiated & made possible after many rounds of discussions, brain-storming and preparation by the key representatives of both companies – who strongly believed in the value of close sharing and cementing long-term relationship across all working channels!

The event was very well-received & attended by close to 90 attendees from over 30 companies across the various polyurethane industries, including local & overseas environmental bodies such as DOE & UNDP. Distinguished presenters from RIM & DOW shared on their experience & technical expertise across the various key PU applications such as Spray pipe insulation, Cold-chain, Automotive, Consumer comfort, & Industrial Automation, etc.

This seminar also served as a unique & rare networking platform whereby customers from similar industries were able to ‘rub shoulders’ and shared passionately on their business success and challenges.

It was an excellent opportunity for RIM & DOW to engage & update all the audience on the latest market trends & showcase our technological breakthrough & project references!

We are glad the seminar gathered rave reviews from all the customers who unequivocally voiced their full appreciation and endorsement for this specially organized event.

Rim Polymers Team with Invited Participants from Flexible Automation
Rim Polymers Team with Invited Participants from Flexible Automation

Moving forward, we have received strong interest & new project enquiries from many existing clients (as well as clients who are not using our machines) to discuss how we can support their expansion plans! This certainly has elevated our GMA brand to another higher level & even closer to their hearts!

Ultimately, the event has created a Win-Win-Win situation for both RIM Polymers, Dow Polyurethane, not to mention our valuable customers! RIM & DOW management has pledged to plan & organize more of such technical seminars in the near future for all our customers in the regions and globally.

A series of pre-discussions & brain-storming sessions between Edmund Ng & Lee Meng Lai (DOW).

By: Edmund Ng
Senior Global Sales Manager

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