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Rim Polymers’ Growth Amidst Global Uncertainty

The global political climate over the last 15 months has certainly seen one upheaval after another. Greece managed to remain in the European Union (EU) after a tumultuous referendum, where the majority voted ‘No’ to more austerity. The next shocking news that broke out was ‘Brexit’ where Britain pulled out from the EU.

The most recent political shock and change was when Mr Donald Trump emerged triumphant against the hot-favourite Hillary Clinton in the recent USA election, which triggered a wave of uncertainty across the world economic and political scenes.

However, we take heart that Asia generally has ‘strong’ fundamentals as compared to other continents and hopefully learnt their lesson since the last Asian financial crisis. Furthermore, dwelling on negativity, giving perfunctory work performances or cruising on auto-pilot mode will not bring us to greater heights.

At Rim Polymers, we are heartened to have a team that is passionate and seeks constant breakthrough! Our regional sales teams have succeeded and triumphed against the odds to achieve sales success across many fronts! Just recently despite the uncertainty, we have attained good orders for major projects in Vietnam, India, Middle-East, Indonesia, Philippines, and Thailand! Among the projects included multiple orders for our special patented on-line premix for continuous lines, together with the premix equipments for multiple components and dry plants as well! This is in line with the on-going worldwide phasing out of Hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs) chemical, in which Rim Polymers has successfully attained a huge market share from it.

Rim Polymers extensive range of foaming and premixing equipment have been gaining global accolades and acclaim for its strong reliability and quality. Our branding and market growth have been nothing short of spectacular, not to mention achieving equipment patents globally as far as from the USA.

Our team is currently in the midst of a final discussion with more customers from USA, Malaysia, Korea, Middle-East and are confident that we can bring in more sales breakthrough in the weeks to come, just in time to usher the Christmas season.

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