Rim Polymers Industries Pte. Ltd.

GMA Brand Receives Accolades And Recognitions Globally

Our GMA brand has accomplished world-wide recognition today from customers all over the globe for its excellence in equipments design and reliability!

We are proud to be one of the companies carrying the Singapore brand that has successfully penetrated into many markets globally. Our efforts have been endorsed and recognized by our government trades and enterprise bodies, and today Rim Polymers is very honoured to be able to represent Singapore to showcase our GMA brand to all the distinguished audience world-wide.

The groups of satisfied customers come from a diversified range of sectors comprising of the insulation panel, ice-container, block-foam, refrigerator, as well as automotive industries, etc. These customers have bought many sets of our machines. They have grown rapidly over the years to become the leading players in their respective field of business and our GMA brand has always remained their most preferred choice for their new equipment expansion plans.

Nevertheless, our team will not rest of our laurels but continue our relentless pursuit of excellence & fineness, in order to thank all our valued customers around the world for their wonderful support and endorsement!

By: Mr. Steven Hoong
Deputy GM for Sales

Insulation Ice-Box
Thumbs Up from a Very Happy Insulation Ice-Box Customer in Thailand!
Refrigerator Industry
A Very Satisfied Customer in Vietnam from the Refrigerator Industry!
Hyundai OEM
Moment of Sheer Pride and Pleasure from Hyundai OEM Clients in North America!
Block-Foam sector
Posture of Immense Confidence and Conviction from another Vietnamese Client from the Block-Foam sector!
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