Rim Polymers Industries Pte. Ltd.

UTech North America Exhibition, 4-5 June 2014

Rim Polymers will be exhibiting at the UTECH North America exhibition

Rim Polymers Industries Pte Ltd , a leading global high-end polyurethane (PU) equipment & plant manufacturer, will be joining his sister pump company , International Pumps Manufacturing Inc, to exhibit at the UTECH North America international exhibition and strategic conference, held at the Charlotte Convention Centre, North Carolina USA from 4-5 June 2014.

At this exhibition, Rim Polymers will be displaying a range of world class automated polyurethane dispensing systems. In addition, Rim Polymers will be sharing with customers news of their “GMA” brand of polyurethane plants and machinery which has been a highly productive addition for their Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) subcontractor clients of General Motors, BMW, Bosch and Siemens etc in the Asia region.

Rim Polymers offers customized solutions and produce only the best machines. Rim Polymer’s GMA machine produce good quality foam and are of low maintenance. Visit Rim Polymers at booth 167 now!

About Rim Polymers Industries Pte Ltd

Rim Polymers Industries Pte Ltd has over 30 years of experience in polyurethane processing machines and a strong network of 12 offices over 8 countries. Each unit is manned with sales and technical staff. These offices are also stocked with spare parts to provide customers with close and efficient after sales support to reduce their production downtime. It also has a development R&D lab based in Singapore for testing new PU chemical systems and developing specific equipment for certain needs of customers in making automotive interior components, (for example, Foam Carpet underlay for BMW, Mercedes, Audi, VW, and GM in China), or developed a special Patented Premix Unit for Key Refrigerator Co. (e.g. Midea, Hisense Co.) in PR China to reduce their cost by almost 10% .Others are for gasket, high density structural products etc. These are probably the main reasons why Rim Polymers, with its own “GMA” brand PU equipment, has become one of the preferred PU equipment suppliers in the region.

We are able to offer various packages of equipment including high and low pressure foaming machines; chemicals storage and / or premix system; hydraulic or pneumatic operated mould carriers and presses; robotic automation etc. for production of automotive interior parts, PU sandwich panels with continuous or discontinuous process (used as energy saving internal and external panels of building, cold room etc.) refrigerator, freezer, insulated pipe, gasket, structural products etc.

For more information, please visit www.rimpolymers.com.

By: Steven Hoong
Deputy GM

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