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Rim Polymers won “2023 China Household Appliance Industry Chain Golden Nail Award”

On April 26th, the 2023 China Household Appliance Industry Chain Conference and “Golden Nail Award” Ceremony took place in Shanghai, under the guidance of the China Household Appliance Association and hosted by the “Electrical Appliances” magazine. A diverse group of industry experts, economists, representatives from over a hundred enterprises within the household appliance industry chain, and media professionals came together at the event. The conference focused on the theme of “Empowering New Industrialization and Reshaping Industry Supplier Relations.” Attendees engaged in in-depth discussions to advance the integration of cutting-edge and cross-industry technologies within the household appliance sector, with the ultimate goal of enhancing and upgrading the industry ecosystem.

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In the past three years, the China household appliance industry has been significantly impacted by the pandemic, with various challenges, such as production rhythm, logistics systems, and personnel scheduling, testing the industry chain’s adaptability. Cooperation relationships within the industry chain have changed, and new modes and ideas have emerged to improve efficiency.

To recognize outstanding contributions by supporting component manufacturers in improving the performance, technology, and functionality of household appliances, the prestigious “Golden Nail Awards” were announced at the end of the conference. The awards, covering the entire upstream sector of the household appliance industry chain, are the most professional accolades in the field, with categories including core components, materials, conventional components, equipment, and precision equipment, and serve as the best testament to the technical strength of supporting enterprises.

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During a two-year period, the organizing committee collected 273 product submissions for the award. After undergoing a comprehensive evaluation process that incorporated expert reviews, purchaser assessments, technical personnel appraisals, media critiques, and public opinions, Rim Polymers low-boiling-point multi-component premix equipment GMA PX50-4C distinguished itself, ultimately winning the “2023 China Household Appliance Industry Chain Golden Nail Award.” The committee commended the triumphant product as an unsung hero, driving the high-quality progress of China’s household appliance industry, while simultaneously acting as an essential catalyst for the industry’s shift toward high-end, intelligent, and environmentally-friendly development.

Golden Nail Award Certificate

Securing the 2023 China Household Appliance Industry Chain Golden Nail Award is a significant honour and recognition for Rim Polymers. This accolade not only validates the company’s dedication to technical innovation and product quality throughout the years, but also highlights the crucial role it occupies in China’s household appliance industry development. As a leading enterprise in the industry, Rim Polymers consistently focuses on technological advancements and product enhancements to satisfy market demands and improve user experience. This esteemed recognition will serve to amplify the company’s brand influence and market standing, fuelling a more robust driving force for its future growth and expansion.

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Zhou Zhen Hua- Sales & Marketing Manager

Rim Polymers will continue to prioritize technological innovation as a driving force for our success, making significant contributions to the high-end, intelligent, and eco-friendly development of China’s household appliance industry. The company is also committed to consistently focusing on user needs, providing exceptional products and services to express gratitude for the support and trust of customers and the market.
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With a steadfast dedication to the business philosophy of integrity, innovation, and win-win cooperation, Rim Polymers will collaborate with partners to shape a prosperous future for the China household appliance industry chain. As we move forward, we will aim to enhance our brand influence and market position, ensuring we remain at the forefront of the industry and continue to drive positive change for all stakeholders involved.

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