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Rim China in the 2023 New Energy Power Battery Forum

Rim participated in the “2023 New Energy Power Battery Module and PACK Innovative Materials, Processes, and Intelligent Manufacturing Forum” and the “High-Voltage Fast Charging Technology Workshop” held in Hefei, Anhui, China, from June 28th to 30th. During this grand event, Rim achieved fruitful results, showcasing our technical strength and future development plans to the industry.

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The aim of this conference was to provide upstream and downstream companies in the power battery industry with a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of the current status and future development trends of power batteries in China. During the forum, industry experts gathered to engage in in-depth discussions and sharing on topics such as composite processes, polyurethane materials, battery packs, and module assembly, pointing out new directions for the industry’s development.

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Looking back on 2022, the annual production of new energy vehicles surpassed an astonishing 7 million units, a growth of 90.5% compared to the previous year. The rapid growth of the new energy vehicle market has strongly driven the rapid development of the power battery and related industries. As a leading manufacturer of polyurethane equipment in the industry, Rim participated in this symposium and proudly unveiled the latest research and development of RTM high-pressure resin transfer molding equipment. This equipment achieves higher stability and excellent surface effects through highly precise temperature control and a specially designed mixing head. The Rim team also showcased a gun head model on-site, vividly demonstrating our technical strength and product quality to the visitors.

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Through in-depth exchanges with industry peers, Rim’s RTM machine and high-pressure foaming machines have garnered high recognition and widespread praise. This further motivates our drive for continuous innovation, solidifying our position in the industry and propelling us to the forefront.

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Looking to the future, Rim will continue to uphold the concept of technological innovation, continuously improve product performance and quality, and contribute more to the progress of the power battery industry and the sustainable development of China’s new energy vehicles. We firmly believe that with a strong team and unwavering pursuit of technology, Rim will continue to grow and create more value for customers and partners.

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