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Heartfelt Thanks To Our Valuable Clients For Another Resounding Year!

RIM CNY 2015

Rim Polymers Industries has galloped triumphantly and successfully passed the finishing line in the “Year of the Horse”, carrying with it bundles of gratitude, appreciation, and thankfulness as we usher the Brand New Year!

Indeed once again, all these accomplishments & stories will not be possible without the amazing support from our most valuable customers, many of whom have been growing rapidly with us since day one!

We have leaped across many hurdles and obstacles, biting our teeth with grit & gumption, as we took on all the competitions head-on towards achieving our end goal!

Rim Polymers has pull-off many notable ‘First’ this year, with major projects penetration into many new territories globally! Among the key deliveries include our First pentane projects for sandwich panel and block foam production lines in Middle-East, First pentane project for panel continuous line in Eastern Europe, First pentane project for panel continuous line in Vietnam, First major sandwich panel line in USA, and among many others technological breakthrough, etc…

Our proven track records of providing our customers with a complete solution, coupled with technology that is designed to enhance production cost-saving, and maximizing returns, has since become the trademark of our ‘GMA’ brand today.

Finally we will like to take this opportunity to specially express our most heart-felt thanks to all our customers, and at the same time wishing everybody a Prosperous and Successful Year 2015!

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