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Rim Polymers Foray Into Mexico & Latin America

Rim Polymers team made several trips to Mexico City recently as part of our business growth plan to penetrate the Latin America market after cementing our pole-position in Asia!

Mexico is the largest manufacturing country in Latin America, covering a total land area of 1.96 million sq km (Our little red dot is only 712 sq km). In the Latin America emerging economies, it also has a high middle-income wage earner second only to Brazil.

Together with our newly appointed Mexican agent (owner: Mr.Amato), we went to meet up several customers in both Mexico City & Queretaro. Mexico is predominantly Spanish-speaking, but most of key business people can speak or understand English due to close proximity to the USA. This itself makes Mexico ‘stands out’ to be a conducive business environment, especially when CEH group already has a strong initial presence in USA.

In fact in the same month, Rim Polymers has also signed up a sales & after-sales agreements with our appointed agent in Brazil (owner: Mr. Marcelo) . This was the result of yet another relentless pursuit in terms of finding a ‘right partner’ for our business foray globally!

With a sound strategy coupled with the right business partner, Mexico & Latin America market as a whole do present a very good opportunity in our business foray & expansion beyond the realm of Asia & Middle-East.

Against the backdrop of today ever-changing & dynamic economic landscapes, we are constantly inundated with a myriad of new and varied challenges which we have to readily embrace and adapt, in order to propel our product branding to the forefront of the Polyurethane industry, ahead of all competitions!

Rim Mexican agent
Mexican agent on board
Rim Brazil new agent
Brazil new agent
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