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Rim Polymers And Dow Chemical Joint-Seminar In China

Pipe Spray Insulation Seminar

Rim Polymers Industries has successfully held its Pipe Spray Insulation Seminar and the Polyurethane Spray Machine Demonstration on 10th September 2015. This seminar and demonstration was jointly organized by Rim Polymers and Dow to showcase the latest technology & breakthrough in spray pipe insulation technology.

The seminar was well attended by over 70 participants from mainly the oil and gas industry. This was an eye-opening experience for our participants as, with our latest spray pipe technology; we are able to attain the requested thickness in a pass from our customers as compared to those that are generated from other conventional PU spray technology. Other benefits of our PU spray technology include excellent density distribution, better insulation ‘k’ factor, lower density and higher production efficiency. In addition, during the demonstration, one of the participants even expressed his interest in purchasing the demo pipe spray machine which was showcased.

We sincerely thank our partner for this seminar, Dow Chemical and also all the participants who have participated in this seminar. Moving forward, we look forward to organize more of such seminars for all customers globally.

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