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Rim Polymers Unveils New Brand Identity

RIM Logo
Rim Polymer’s new logo
GMA logo
Rim Polymer’s Product Brand, GMA, new logo

Rim Polymers, a regional leader in polyurethane technology, has a refreshing, new look. In collaboration with a reputable branding consultancy, it is all part of a rebranding campaign which puts a brand new face to a company whose winning solutions driven attitude and customer-focus philosophy remains as constant as ever.

But there’s more to Rim Polymers’ rebranding effort than just the polished new logo and distinctive style of the corporate stationery.

Rim Polymers now confidently expresses our fundamental promise to clients – Expanding the rim of possibilities. This brand tagline encapsulates the soul of who Rim Polymers is in a simple but powerful manner. Rim Polymers is not just a supplier to the polyurethane industry. The brand is a trusted partner who plays an integral role in consistently seeking new and better ways to develop problem-solving, cost-saving solutions tailored to individual clients’ requirements and specific parameters.

Rim Polymers aims to always deliver customised solutions for polyurethane manufacturing needs that will provide cutting-edge, robust technologies, unparalleled reliability and value-adding performance. Recognising the uniqueness of each client’s requirements, the company strives to satisfy each customer with personalised service and a keen attention to details that makes them the preferred global partner in the polyurethane industry.

Rim Polymers’ Executive Vice President, Mr Oei Han Tjing, points to rising customer expectations and the quest for an ever-growing list of applications as something that inspires Rim Polymers to continually innovate its products and services.

On that end, Rim Polymers has rejuvenated the identity of their leading product brand, GMA, with a crystallised core brand essence – Engineered for customers to win. GMA premium polyurethane manufacturing systems are built with outstanding quality and engineered to deliver industry-leading performance. The brand will always be the right choice for the customer that values performance with reliability.

“This is a new milestone for Rim Polymer. We hope that with a new corporate brand and product brand identity, we will able to provide more winning technologies and services for our customers globally,” says Mr Oei Han Tjing.

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