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Major Orders For Pre-Mix And Cyclopentane Equipments

Rim Polymers clinched major orders for Pre-Mix and Cyclopentane Equipments to several continents

Rim Polymers latest Pre-Mix and Cyclopentane foaming equipments have gained global recognition and for its cutting-edge technology. Apart from having penetrated the big market in China, Korea & India, our GMA brand was most recently selected specifically for some major refrigerator projects in countries like South Africa, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

Today, Rim Polymers State-Of-The-Art Multi-Component On-line Mixing Technology has also being given patent application numbers and receives official patent pending status from the relevant IP authorities.

Rim Polymers has always been in the forefront of the 141b phasing-out development especially in China over the last decade, as the top major brands are using our Pre-mix and Pentane equipments for their domestic and exporting business, due to our precise and advance mixing technology and industry know-how.

“A few feathers were added to the cap” recently when we successfully clinched major deals to supply equipments for the phasing out of blowing agent 141b to more Asia regions such as Malaysia, Vietnam and Thailand, etc.

After several rounds of intensive presentation in Singapore as well as overseas, Rim Polymers technology and pentane equipments were unanimously endorsed by the end-users, owning to our proven track record and strong references. The most recent projects to Sri Lanka and Bangladesh have been successfully commissioned, and the remaining orders for Asia will be delivered progressively in the next 3-4 months. We are expecting even stronger and bigger orders coming in the next 12 months for the whole Asia region and beyond!

Due to our rapid expansion and global penetration, Rim Polymers is constantly in active look-out for good potential distributors to increase our global sales and distribution network. We welcome potential candidates to find the information and application form on our newly launched website at http://en.rimpolymers.com/index.php/en/distributorship-en.

By: Steven Hoong
Deputy General Manager

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