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Rim Polymers Is Awarded With Industrial Excellence

Industrial Excellence Award by the China Polyurethane Industry Association (CPUIA)

Rim Polymers is glad to announce that we were bestowed the Industrial Excellence Award by the China Polyurethane Industry Association (CPUIA). The award ceremony was held on their 20th Anniversary Gala event on the 1st September 2014.

The Polyurethane (PU) industry is currently working closely with the international body on ozone protection to phase out 141B with a much “Greener” blowing agent according to the international safety requirements.

Previously, Rim Polymers also pioneers the conversion and modification on the refrigerator, insulation panels and solar water heater industries by converting their foaming equipment to run on Cyclopentane technology.

Apart from the larger PU markets such as China, South Korea and India, Southeast Asia countries like Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia and South Asian countries like Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh has also started using C5 and premix equipment. These projects have been used as the demonstration projects of the China’s Ministry of Environment.

We sincerely congratulate the China polyurethane industry for having a booming and brilliant 20 years. Together, we hope to work towards establishing an even better Polyurethane industry with our customers’ trust and support.

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